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AUS40 is a diesel exhaust fluid for vessels that reduces NOx emissions

Comply with Emission Control Area protocol.

What is AUS40 and why do I need it?

AUS40 is a 40% urea solution. It reduces NOx emissions from the combustion chamber of vessel diesel engines. AUS40 must be used in Emission Control Areas

What are Emission Control Areas?

These are sea areas in which emission controls have been introduced to reduce airborne emissions from ships as defined by Annex VI of the 1997 MARPOL Protocol.

How is AUS40 different from AdBlue®?

Both products provide the same effect. They reduce airborne emissions. However, AUS40 has a higher urea concentration. This is needed as vessels have bigger engines.

Why AUS40 by CrossChem?

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CrossChem is a global producer and supplier for transport and industrial market since 2007


Produce and distribute chemical products such as AUS40, AUS20, AdBlue, DEF, DEF40, DEF20, ARLA, sodium hydroxide and other.

Sets up SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) & SNCR (Selective Non Catalytic Reduction) systems for marine vessels, off-shore rigs and power plants.

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CrossChem employee doing quality control of AUS 40 containers in warehouse.

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