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CrossChem logo in blue.

About Us

CrossChem since 2007 is working to reduce the impact of harmful emissions

We produce and distribute chemical products and special equipment that help save the environment. Our own research and development base as well as experience knowledge can provide our clients with today’s environmental effective solutions and products. Our social responsiveness is aimed for environmental responsibilities and new innovation implementations. It motivates us to provide our clients with great progress opportunities. Our mission is to ensure both human and environmental prosperity. Learn more here.

CrossChem employee doing quality control of AUS 40 containers in warehouse.
Forklift loading CrossChem products into a container.
Orange quality seal on a AUS 40 by CrosChem container.


14 Years of experience

Our team has gained immense experience and knowledge by working on innovations for more than a decade.



CrossChem’s internal team are experts who constantly improving with the aim to provide our clients with the greatest opportunity of progress. 



The world is our market. We are constantly working to provide our products to clients all over the planet.